Going Global with the CMO of Sabre Travel Network

In this episode of the CMO Go Show, I sit down with Lindsay Parker - CMO of Sabre Travel Network. 

Lindsay gets real about her childhood dreams, paid media, Millennials and global marketing. 

Upcoming guests include:

  • Ray Wizbowski,  CMO of Entrust Datacard
  • Krista Gibson, CMO Consultant
  • Dan Aptor, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer of United Way of Dallas

About the CMO Go Show:

CMO Go Show interviews top Chief Marketing Officers to understand how they got to the biggest seat in marketing and where they see their organization and the future of marketing going next.

CMO’s are often revered and somewhat feared. I wanted to break down the barriers and ask them real questions that will expose what the most powerful people in marketing are thinking. I want to understand how they make their decisions to balance art versus science and traditional versus digital. I also think there is a thirst to understand the path that took them to the top seat in the game.