A CMO Gets Real! The View From the Top of the Marketing Chain

CMO Go Show interviews top Chief Marketing Officers to understand how they got to the biggest seat in marketing and where they see their organization and the future of marketing going next.

CMO’s are often revered and somewhat feared. I wanted to break down the barriers and ask them real questions that will expose what the most powerful people in marketing are thinking. I want to understand how they make their decisions to balance art versus science and traditional versus digital. I also think there is a thirst to understand the path that took them to the top seat in the game.

I am very excited to host this new series, and I know you will be just as excited to get to know the guests! See the very first episode below.

CMO Go Show Episode 1 - Becky Johnson, CMO of Main Event speaks candidly about her marketing blend of art and science.

Upcoming guests include Greg Clark, CMO of Caliber Collision, Douglas Zarkin, CMO of Pearle Vision, Jim Aubele, CMO of Ryan, LLC and Kim Bartley, CMO of White Castle. For more information on CMO Go Show, visit or contact me at