Eve knows her stuff - full stop.
I invited Eve to speak at NATO’s Social Media Forum in Sep 2015 and from the outset she came up with some good ideas on how to run her part of the forum.
On the day itself she presented with dedication and passion for her work, thus capturing and engaging the audience. In addition she also participated in a panel discussion with Industry Reps from Facebook, Google and Twitter and fitted just right in.
You can’t go wrong inviting Eve to speak at your event.
— Franky Saegerman, Head Digital Insights at NATO

Eve Mayer is the Chief Marketing Officer of Splash Media. Eve is an Author, Mother, Wife, Humorist, Professional Speaker, Social Media Strategist and Company Culturist.

Eve has been recognized by Forbes, CNN and Inc. Magazine for her influence in the social media industry since 2009. 

Eve is the Author of Social Media for the CEO, The Social Media Business Equation, and Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating.

Eve Mayer has spoken professionally in over 50 cities and 6 countries for corporations, universities, nonprofits, associations and government organizations.

Eve speaks on the topics of:

  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn for Sales
  • Twitter for Business
  • Women Empowerment
  • The Fearless Alter Ego
  • Marketing to Millennials
  • Company Culture
  • Working with Millenials
  • Hypertransparency

Her speaking style has been described as irreverent, hilarious, hard-hitting, meaty and thought-provoking. 

Eve consults organizations worldwide on how to use social media to achieve their business goals and how to create a company culture that the team members truly emulate. 

Eve is a top notch leader and partner. I witnessed first hand the culture Eve created at SMD. It distinguished her business, engaged her employees and drove amazing performance. We hired Eve and SMD to restore and optimize StubHub’s social media infrastructure and lead us on a path toward global social care. During the time SMD worked with us, Eve was always making recommendations and seeking ways to analyze results and tie them back to the entire integrated marketing system. She and her team were like an extension of ours.
— Jennifer Betka, CMO of StubHub